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FAQ - our PAYG Professional services

Our PAYG services are perfect for specific investigation cases. We hope the below FAQ answers any questions relating to our PAYG services; if you still have unanswered questions we are happy to answer them.

1. Is there a minimum period I can hire your services?

​Physical Surveillance

Our physical surveillance teams on pay-as-you-go can be engaged by the hour. There is no minimum length of time.


Electronic Surveillance
Our electronic surveillance service is hired on a daily basis with a minimum hire period of three days.

2. How many investigators do I need for physical surveillance?

We always use a team of at least two operatives to reduce the chance of surveillance compromise or loss of subject. For surveillance in urban areas, additional team members may be required to mitigate target loss by another from of transport such as the Underground or a Bus. We do not charge for additional team members.

​3. When will my investigation start?
We will usually begin your investigation within 7 days of you hiring our services. This will provide our investigators enough time to prepare.

If necessary we can fast track your case if you believe that a specific event warrants early investigation (for example, your Partner is staying away within the 7 days and you believe this may be when infidelity is occurring). Please be aware, fast tracking an investigation may mean we are unable to offer our full range of services. Physical surveillance requires a significant degree of planning prior to being undertaken and we will not engage in any surveillance without necessary diligence.

4. Can I cancel my investigation once you've started?  Do I get a refund?
You can stop your investigation at any time.

If you decide to cancel your investigation prior to 48 hours of the start date of any work you wish us to undertake we will refund you in full. If you decide to cancel your investigation within 48 hours of the start date we will deduct £100 from your refund amount to cover our initial costs in reviewing your case. Any cancellations made within 6 hours of the start date or after the start date will not be eligible for a refund.


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