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Electronic Vehicle Surveillance Services

Knowing the movements of your partners vehicle is often enough to uncover deceit. Cheaters are habitual and will often stop at the same location to make calls from their car, arrange to meet up at remote locations or skip work for the day to meet a third party.


We can electronically monitor a vehicles location at a rate of £35 per day plus a £200 tracker placement and retrieval fee.  We provide a complete report of the vehicle movements each 24 hours. Discounts are available for continuous monitoring periods greater than 7 days.


For an additional £50 per hour we can monitor and report back the exact location of the vehicle when suspicious behaviour is detected (for example you may wish to monitor whether your partners vehicle leaves work at a certain time and where it goes afterwards).


Physical Surveillance Services

You can engage our surveillance services on a pay as you go basis at a rate of £100 per hour plus a one off administrative fee of £200 per operation. This fee covers our costs in relation to setting up your investigation, travelling to the surveillance location and producing your final report. Surveillance operations are undertaken by a minimum of two team members.

We typically provide a full report of our findings every five hours of investigation. If you would prefer more regular updates we are happy to accommodate you. Naturally, if events unfold within the five hour period that allow the investigation to conclude early, we will contact you immediately.

You have complete control of the investigation and we will not continue at any time without your express authorisation.

* includes all travel within a 30 mile radius from the surveillance location (usually the place of work or home residence). After this mileage is charged at an additional £0.50 per mile. If during the period of our investigation the target of surveillance travels, or looks likely to travel, a significant distance or travel on public transport (e.g. a bus or train) this may incur additional fees. We will not continue at any time without your express authorisation.



Data Profiling Services

Economic and social dealings in modern society generate large quantities of stored information. In the past, this data was documented in paper records, leaving a "paper trail", or was simply not documented at all. Correlation of paper-based records required human operators to manually sort through documents, which was time-consuming and incomplete, at best.

Today many of these records are electronic, resulting in an "electronic trail". Public records (such as electoral role, birth, court, tax and other records), web traffic and online purchases are widely available online. In addition friendships & affiliations, thoughts and activities can often be discovered within social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace Twitter and others.

Broughton Ramsden & Page have extensive experience in assembling information about a particular individual or group in order to generate a picture of their patterns and behaviour through the application of statistical techniques to discover previously unnoticed relationships within data.

Data profiling is an extremely powerful tool for use in infidelity investigations, especially where a suspected third party is known. Our skilled analysts can discover facts about a person that they might not even be consciously aware of themselves. 

Our profiling service is available at a rate of £250 per application. We provide a complete report within 5 days of the application being accepted.

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