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Professional, discrete & reliable.

As the leading UK provider of infidelity investigation services we offer complete flexability to match your situation.

We understand our clients have unique needs and a one size fits all approach rarely works. ​You can engage our investigators wide range of experience and capability on either a fixed fee or on a chargable rate to suit your budget and time frame.


Utilising the latest in behavioural analysis and surveillance technology we can provide clear and indisputable proof if your partner is being deceptive.

Our aim is to put an end to your doubts.



A simple, one-off payment for a complete  7 day investigation including profiling, vehicle tracking, physical surveillance and comprehensive reporting of your partners activities for the period.

Recomended if you believe your partners behaviour is unusual but you have no direct proof or reason to suspect a specific act, time or place.

Our range of cyber, electronic and physical surveillance services can be engaged separately or as a bundle on an hourly or daily rate.

Recomended for specific situations where you need to obtain specific information.

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