How much does hiring a private investigator cost?

Our area of coverage - Midlands, Souith West & M4 coridor.

Fixed Fee Investigations

Our industry leading private investigation service provides a fixed period of investigation for a fixed fee of £599.  


X No fees for mileage or petrol fees for surveillance
X No fees for additional expenses (unless agreed)
X No fees for reporting or evidence preparation 
X NO HIDDEN FEES just clear unambiguous pricing 


Our fixed fee private investigation includes an initial behaviour profile assessment, seven days of electronic vehicle monitoring and if required physical surveillance by our professional operations team without additional set up costs (equivalent to two hours of direct surveillance). 

We know we're not the cheapest option in the market, but we are the best. If you want answers to put an end to your doubts, we can provide them in confidence without detection. Call us today without obligation to see if we can provide a solution to your situation.

At all times, you have complete control of the investigation and we will not continue at any time without your express authorisation.


If your partner is being deceptive our industry leading simple and affordable combined approach will provide proof. Contact us today without obligation to see if we can help you or order online now through paypal by clicking the button below.

When the most important things in your life are uncertain, the last thing you need is more uncertainty. We don't hide our pricing. Our fees are based upon the service we can offer you, not the problems you are facing.  With no hidden charges you remain completely in control of the costs of your investigation.
Pay as you go Investigations

Our PAYG operational area covers the whole of the UK and abroad and operate an an hourly and daily rate.


Data Profiling

Our profiling service is available at a rate of £250 per application. We provide a complete report within 3 days of the application being accepted.


Electronic vehicle monitoring

You can engage our operations team to electronically monitor a vehicles location at a rate of £25 per day plus a £200 tracker placement and retrieval fee.  We provide a complete report of the vehicle movements within 24 hours. 


Physical Surveillance

You can engage our surveillance services on a pay as you go basis at a rate of £100 per hour plus a one off administrative fee of £200. This fee covers our costs in relation to setting up your investigation, travelling to the surveillance location and producing your final report.


We typically provide a full report of our findings every five hours of investigation. If you would prefer more regular updates we are happy to accommodate you. Naturally, if events unfold within the five hour period that allow the investigation to conclude early, we will contact you immediately.

You have complete control of the investigation and we will not continue at any time without your express authorisation.

1 includes all travel within a 30 mile radius from the surveillance location (usually the place of work or home residence). After this mileage is charged at an additional £0.50 per mile. If during the period of our investigation the subject of surveillance travels, or looks likely to travel, a significant distance or travel on public transport (e.g. a bus or train) this may incur additional fees. We will not continue at any time without your express authorisation.

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