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Peace of mind for £599.

Our industry leading private investigation service is simple: a fixed period of investigation for a fixed price payable in three monthly installments. If you want to know everything your partner is doing this week, then our 7-day investigation will give you the answers you are looking for.

What you get

We use a combination of data profiling, social media research and 7 days of electronic vehicle tracking to build a picture of your partners habits and behaviours and analyse the whole picture for signs of deception. Our team use direct surveillance at the place and time most likely to obtain photographic evidence of any wrongdoing. Our approach differs from the traditional wait, watch, write, bill many private investigations adopt and we have solved countless cases at a fraction of the real hourly billing cost of our competitors.


In our experience, the vast majority of infidelity cases we have been instructed on have been satisfactorily resolved by our investigative analysts within 7 days.

Our unique smart approach allows us to provide you with a fixed period of investigation for a fixed price. We know w
hen everything else in your life feels uncertain, the last thing you want to worry about is an unknown cost and with our 7 day private investigation there are no unknown costs:


X No fees for mileage or petrol fees for surveillance within a 30 mile radius 

X No fees for additional expenses (unless agreed)

X No fees for additional investigators on your case

X No fees for reporting or evidence preparation

X NO HIDDEN FEES just clear unambiguous pricing

We allow flexible payments - pay in either a single instalment or pay £199 deposit and the remainder on completion of your investigation.


If your partner is being deceptive our industry leading simple and affordable combined approach will provide proof. Contact us today without obligation to see if we can help you or order online now through paypal by clicking the button below.

"We have an unblemished record in proving deception because we understand people. Everybody has a routine, and if your partner is being deceitful their habits and routine will have changed to adapt to their secretive lifestyle.


In cases of infidelity, a person having an affair has to adapt their routine to communicate with their other partner. It’s a simple fact but without communication a relationship cannot survive. It may be texting or messaging over social media from their bed, stopping on the way home to make a call from the car, arranging a lunch with a person they have never mentioned or even planning a night away with friends (when the friends have no knowledge or agree to cover) to make a secret rendezvous.


However, with each action comes the possibility of discovery and the more entrenched a behaviour becomes the more likely becomes discovery."

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