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There is no substitute for experience.

Our Investigators come from a wide variety of legal, security, financial and technical backgrounds. This enables Broughton, Ramsden & Page to adopt a flexible approach to delivering you fast, accurate and meaningful results.


Mrs K. suspected an affair when her husband lied. Broughton, Ramsden & Page found out the startling truth.

Mrs K and Mr K had been happily married for 5 years. Mrs K became suspicious of her husbands regular Wednesday night drinks after work with colleagues, suspecting he maybe having an affair. She contacted BRP to investigate.

Our investigation very quickly established he was actually playing five a side football on Wednesday evenings.

Mr K. had previously received a serious five a side injury resulting in the loss of his employment and very nearly the family home. As a result of this he had assured his wife he would never play five a side football again.

In this case our investigators were very easily and relatively inexpensively able to establish the true facts enabling the couple to move on with their lives.


Mr D. thought his fiancé was not working late. Broughton, Ramsden & Page proved she wasn't.

​Mr D had been engaged to Miss S for 13 months. The wedding was planned, guests had been invited and their future together looked certain. In the run up to the wedding day the behaviour of Miss S changed following a promotion. She became evasive, short tempered and secretive but shrugged off questions blaming the pressure of the forthcoming wedding and increased work commitments of the new job.

In the weeks that followed the habits of Miss S became more and more unusual. She arrived home later each day, stayed overnight with work when before she would have opted to have come home and acted angrily when confronted claiming Mr D was destroying their relationship with his questions. Mr D became suspicious when he found a second mobile phone in Miss S's car door and not believing Miss S called our confidential phone line.


Following our initial assessment we determined it was likely that Miss S was being deceptive and set up a covert surveillance operation to monitor her movements. Within a week our Investigators has compiled evidence proving Miss S was having an affair with a work colleague which had become physical.

Presented with our report Mr D was able to take control of his situation and not feel like the jealous and misunderstanding partner Miss S had portrayed him to be.  Finding out the truth, although hurtful, allowed Mr D  to move on with his life rather than live in an uncertain limbo.


Mr R. was convinced his partner was flirting on the internet Broughton, Ramsden & Page put him at ease.

Mr R and Mr T had been together for 16 months after meeting through an Internet dating site. Mr R was highly suspicious of his partners online activities on their home computer and had become convinced he was having clandestine meetings instead of working night shifts. He contacted BRP to investigate.

Our investigation quickly established that Mr T was working the full night shift and was not meeting unknown associates during this time.

Following further limited investigation BRP was able to establish the reason for Mr T's secrecy - he was planning a surprise mini break for his partner.

Although the surprise had been foiled, the relationship between Mr R and Mr T was saved and the couple recently celebrated their civil partnership.


Miss N. wanted to know where her boyfriend was going. Broughton, Ramsden & Page put her mind at rest.

Miss N and Mr P had been happily living together for three years and were in the process of buying their first joint home. Mr P worked for an engineering firm and regularly stayed away at weekends. Miss N became suspicious when work colleagues called and were surprised he wasn't at home.

She contacted BRP to investigate and we quickly established that Mr P owned a previously unknown second property. Within two weeks, our covert surveillance team had discovered that Mr P had not only been visiting another woman at the weekends, but that she was also his wife.

Presented with our report Miss N avoided buying a property with Mr P and sent him back to his wife who was also suspicious of the situation and promptly filed for divorce. 

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