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The UK leading infidelity investigation experts

Since 2011 Broughton, Ramsden & Page have been the leading ‘infidelity only’ private investigation firm.  We have conducted hundreds of investigations throughout the UK and have an unmatched track record of successfully conducting and concluding investigations into suspected unfaithful partners.


There are an estimated 10,000 private investigators working in the UK offering a variety of services. Unfortunately, none of these investigators are currently regulated by the government. There is nothing to stop unscrupulous people creating a website to tell the world that they are private investigators (beware of companies that simply register multiple websites with your location in the domain name or use a mail forwarding address to give the appearance of physical offices) take money upfront and fail to deliver results.


Our permanent team of investigation and support staff conduct all of our investigations from our Cheltenham head-office. We do not outsource your case to a sales network or use call handling companies. Our focus, combined with extensive experience, provide the results you need. We carry full professional indemnity insurance and are registered under the Data Protection Act. 


Call us today on 0800 612 6371 for a free no obligation assessment to discover if using our services would benefit your situation.

Discrete & lawful

​From the moment you contact us your case will be handled with the utmost discretion and we assure complete client confidentiality at all times. Our team operate to a professional standard and our investigators are required to confirm your identity in any correspondence.

Broughton, Ramsden & Page conduct all steps of an investigation in accordance with our Procedural Guide and will only conduct surveillance operations that are lawful. Surveillance is only carried out only for the strict purpose of the Investigation and where we believe it is "necessary" and "proportionate".


We have the ability and experience to resolve even the most demanding surveillance assignments, using state of the art technology combined with professional training to provide you with the results you are looking for.

Our covert operations team can obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place without being detected.

For mobile operations we will typically deployed a team of at least two operatives to reduce the chance of surveillance compromise or loss of subject and for For surveillance in urban areas we will typically use additional team members to mitigate subject loss by another from of transport such as the Underground or a Bus.

We have specialised surveillance vehicles for static and mobile surveillance operations where premises and people have to be observed for many hours.


We have extensive experience in assembling information about a particular individual or group in order to generate a picture of their patterns and behaviour through the application of statistical techniques to discover previously unnoticed relationships within data. ​

Our professional team will undertake a thorough examination of you case details, looking for subtle clues in your partners behavioural patterns that may indicate whether or not they are being deceptive. ​​​​Data profiling is an extremely powerful tool for use in infidelity investigations, especially where a known third party is suspected. Our skilled analysts can discover facts about a person that they might not even be consciously aware of themselves.​


We provide a comprehensive & detailed report for all work we undertake together with all images and video surveillance.

If it becomes necessary to take an issue to Court, then our investigators can work with your legal team, ensuring all evidence is compiled in accordance with legislation and ready for admission in proceedings. If you do not have lawyers in place, we have close links with a number of UK based specialist divorce lawyers.

Our team are discreet and aware of the emotional impact of their findings. We know that approving surveillance on a partner is a hard choice to make  but living with fear, doubt and uncertainty is often far worse.

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